Friday, March 16, 2012

TCMS Version 4.7.7 – What’s New, What’s Fixed, etc

The Collections Module has a handful of new enhancements and modifications:
In the Setup screen for the Collection Module, there are now new options to further define the criteria for moving Insurance-Due claims into Collections. The user is now able to set the minimum number of aging days based on service date in addition to transaction date.

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On the “Move Claims” screen, the user will now be given the option to move claims by calculating the aging date from the service date or from the transaction date as in previous versions of TCMS.
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Additionally, the Agent work screen will now display each individual claim assigned to the selected agent rather than displaying the information on an account level. This allows the agent to work their assigned claims directly from this screen and eliminates the need to switch between screens. The detail grid will now also include the “Transaction Aging Days”, “Service Aging Days”, and “Date Assigned” columns to allow the user further flexibility to sort claims as desired.
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For Assigned and Worked claims, in addition to the existing ledger display at the bottom of the screen, new tabs have been added to give the user access to the Patient’s Demographic and Insurance information without having to switch screens or exit the Collection module.
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If the user ‘Right Mouse’ clicks and selects to jump to the patient’s Ledger from the Agent work screen, it will bring the user to the actual claim. This is a big time saver as the user will not have to search through claims.
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We have also added the “Agent Productivity Report” under the Collection reports menu.
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This Report can be run for selected agents in a selected date span.
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The Report can be run in Summary mode:
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Or in Detail Mode:
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Electronic Worker’s Comp is now updated with new iHCFA requirements
Electronic Worker’s Comp claim submissions, processed through the WCB certified clearinghouse iHCFA, are now updated to the latest compliance requirements.

No Fault claim form data adjustment
The No Fault claim form was only including the first claim modifier and cutting off any other existing modifier codes. The form will no longer cut off secondary modifiers when printed.

Workplace Health Statements now observe Practice PO Box addresses
The Workplace Health Statements will now utilize the Practice’s PO Box Pay-to address (if used for the practice in the Practice Setup screen).

Facilities can now be removed from claims by the user
In prior versions, the user was always able to change a claim’s facility from one to another; but there was a limitation on completely removing a facility altogether. The user can now remove a facility without the need to replace it with another.

The EMC Submissions report has 2 new indicators
The EMC Submissions report will now indicate if a claim has exceeded the Timely Filing Warning level assigned in the Insurance Carrier’s Setup screen; the report will also now indicate if a claim has exceeded the Timely Filing Allowance level, also assigned in the carrier’s setup screen.

A new option to claim acknowledgements
Until now, the user was unable to view the Medicaid 277 report, which offers information on claims that were rejected. There is a menu option available under the ‘Claims’ menu called ‘View Claim Acknowledgement’. Once launched, the user can select from downloaded 999 or 277CA files to view, save, or print.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TCMS Version 4.7.6 – What’s New, What’s Fixed, etc

Introducing the new “Copay Analysis” Report
There is a new report under the “Scheduler Reports” section of TCMS, it is a Copay Analysis Report. The report compares “Copay” payments applied to the accounts of patients that were scheduled (within a specific date or date span) to their expected copay amount in the same patient’s Demographics screen. The report will then identify exact payment matches and payment exceptions (whether the patient paid more or less than the expected amount). The user can opt to only show exceptions, or limit by Resources, and an assortment of other options… including generating a report for a specific patient by account number.

The Unit Analysis Report is now a bit faster
The Unit Analysis report is now faster and offers better response times to accommodate all levels of Oracle databases.

Worker’s Comp Authorizations will all display
When selecting the “Show All” authorizations option in the Worker’s Comp Claim Edit screen, all available authorizations will now display (regardless of which insurance carrier generated the authorization). This is because, unlike medical claim authorizations, WC authorizations are often carried over to other payors and need to be selectable for any claims.

Zero payments will now post from ERN’s
When posting from an ERN, zero-dollar payments will now post to the patient’ claim as long as there is either a copay or deductible applied to the service.

TCMS Version 4.7.4 – What’s New, What’s Fixed, etc

A new Practice Default available for Faxes
Until now, a document could only be faxed if it were digitally signed. We’ve added a new Practice Default that, when it is UNCHECKED, will allow users to fax documents that are not digitally signed.

Claim files removed properly after sending
When electronic claim files (EMC files) are generated for submissions to Emdeon or to McKesson, they are temporarily held in a file and are usually removed after the submission was completed. Recently, however, the files were not disappearing… this problem is now addressed. The EMC files in the folder will now be removed from the folder after they are submitted to the clearinghouse for both Emdeon and McKesson.

New Worker’s Comp form now available
For Workers Compensation, there is a new version of the C 4.3 form. It is identified by (1/12) at the bottom of the form.

* The Worker’s Compensation forms will now adhere to the Pay-To address if it is selected in the Practice Setup screen.

Appointment history will now print
Printing a patient’s appointment history was causing an error when the option to “Show cancelled appointments” was selected. This has now been addressed.

New 64-bit station Installer available
There is a new Installer for users that are utilizing 64-bit workstations that need to send and/or process claims electronically. The new Installer is available in the folder where the TCMS runtimes are located. It is called the “CriterionsEDIDownloaderx64Setup.msi”