Monday, January 16, 2017


TCMS version is now available to all clients

Bulk Claim Write-off option, “Write-off based on number of statements printed,” now displays a reminder, “Claims that have been printed on a statement within the last 30 days will not be included"

Insurance Payment Posting screen now offers an option to post payments received from a payer-issued credit card.

Digitally locking the last document in Workflow’s Document View will switch to the List View and no longer generate an error for an empty queue.

A new System Default, “Force effective start date for insurance profiles” will, when selected, obligate entry of an effective start date on patient demographics when adding or editing insurance profiles.

A standard HIPAA Privacy & Security disclaimer is now added to all emailed statements, emailed chart, and bulk email.

Electronic statement ledger message, “Patient Statement Printed through Perse” is now a more generic message, "Electronic patient statement created"

The Payment Analysis Export now displays the Due from Insurance name.

The Payment Analysis Export now offers an option to include inactive locations.

The Claim Information export now offers an option to include inactive locations.

In compliance with the Worker’s Compensation Board of NY, the Workers’ Compensation report now offers the latest version of the MD1 form.

 The Schedule Information Export now includes the matching appointment for the services actually written, based on service written in the ESB Queue.

The Schedule Information Export now includes a new column called “CPTSWRITTEN” which identifies the CPT code of a service generated from the ESB Queue as “ESB=(CPT code number)”. If no service is found as written through the ESB Queue, the system will identify a service’s CPT code written for the patient on that appointment date.

The C4 Authorization Form now offers a new Location dropdown field, allowing the user to override the otherwise defaulted practice address/phone for the Master Physician’s information.

The Patients Seen with No Service Written report was not recognizing some services generated from the ESB Queue in bulk when the service contained a date/time stamp.  This problem is now fixed.

The Electronic Statements Export now includes the Master Physician’s name.

When creating an electronic claims file, the option to include all locations will also include eligible services from inactive locations.

A new Insurance Type Custom Field called “Bypass DTP Admission date segment in loop 2300” will, when selected, skip Admission Date and Discharge Date data awhile creating a file.

The Practice Default, “'Update all future appointments when patient insurance profile changes,” will now also update existing appointments to a new/changed No Fault profile.

A new Insurance Type Custom Field called “Print CLIA in Box 23 of Form HCFA-1500” will, when selected, print the CLIA number in Box 23 instead of a prior Authorization; however, Medicare Insurance Type will still override and force CLIA in Box 23.

Printing the Medicaid Form can now accommodate diagnosis codes of up to 7 characters.

The Aging Report can now be limited to “Show Patient Totals Only” when the Date Range option is enabled.

In the patient search screen, sorting by any column will now automatically also sort alphabetically by patient name as a secondary sort.

Medications sent to New Crop containing invalid characters, such as “#” are now stripped to only contain numeric values.

Worker’s Compensation claims will now print the Worker’s Compensation Case Number in Box 11 on the HCFA form (CMS 1500).

The Daily Totals report will now exclude debited non-allowed amounts from the non-allowed column. (When a payment is debited, the attached non-allowed amount is also debited).

NYS Medicaid form’s Box 24L will now display the “Received Other” amount of the claim (not the “Total Received”) when NYS Medicaid is the tertiary payer.

The actual date and time of the creation of a claim is now stored and displayed when hovering over the transaction date, identifying when a claim is written even if batch dating is used.

Various other bug fixes