Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have you stopped receiving your 835 ERN files from Medicare? Most of our clients are not experiencing this problem.

If you stopped receiving them, you may have neglected to complete the 5010 production transition agreement. We provided instructions in January and completion was required before July 1st.

If your files have stopped coming, you need to complete the form. CLICK HERE and complete the 5010 Production Transition form online. It can take 5 to 10 business days to process the form. Once it is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from NGS. There is nothing else to set up or do once confirmed and you should start receiving your 835 ERN files thereafter.

Also note that, if you submit to multiple Medicare contractors (i.e., NGS and GHI Medicare), you will need to complete the form once for each contractor.

If you need any assistance completing the form, please feel free to call our Support Services Center at (516) 466-1942, extension 2. We can help complete the form with you.

Monday, July 9, 2012

TCMS Version 4.8.0 – What’s New, What’s Fixed, etc

Electronic Superbills are now removable from the ESB Queue
You can now remove an Electronic Superbill from the queue. There is sometimes a need to remove a claim from the ESB queue because the claim may have already been written manually, or because of a scheduling error that causes the ESB Queue to contain a duplicated claim. If needed, the claim can be removed from the ESB Queue by the user by Right-mouse clicking on the entry.

The Unit Analysis report can now be exported to a CSV/Excel file
There is now an Export feature available on the Unit Analysis Report. This will allow the user to export the data of the report to a CSV/Excel file that contains the data utilized from the database for the report. The exported file is created, by default, to your C drive and users familiar with Microsoft’s Excel software can tailor the data for more customized reporting.

Verbiage changed for an option while generating Electronic Statements
For the sake of clarity, there is a verbiage change in the Electronic Statements module’s selection screen. The second option shown will now state, “Print if (select number) statements have already been printed more that 30 days ago”. There is no change in actual functionality.

Two new fields added to the Electronic Statements EMC Setup
There are 2 changes made in the Setup -> EMC section for the Statements section.
- ANSI Format, where the user can mark it as “Y” if they are going to send ANSI formatted files.
- EMF login and Password fields to allow the user to enter those fields for transmitting those files.

Labeling changed in the Patient Search screen
There is a change in the labeling when searching for a patient (F10). For accuracy, the overall balance indicator’s label will now read “Account Balance” rather than Patient Balance. There is no change in actual functionality.

Time zone adjustments within Appointments properties are now in effect
Based on the settings on your workstation, the “time” utilized within the properties of appointments in the Open Scheduler will be specific to your time zone

Credit card payment processing can now span across services
When a credit card payment is accepted for processing, you can now post the payment to multiple services. To select multiple services, enter a checkmark in the selection boxes on the right-hand side of each service, then right-click over one of the services and process the payment.

To offer an example of how the payment will be posted: if you have four services and each has a balance of $100, and your total payment to be posted is $250; the first service will receive $100, the second service would receive $100, the third service will receive $50. In other words, the payment post to the services selected from the topmost service’s balance to the bottommost service until there are no more funds left to post.

Missing option is now available
A drop down box wherein the user can select between “fax” and “email” was missing on the MG 2 Worker’s Compensation form. It is now available.

Collection claims can now remain in collections when re-billed
In the past, a claim in the Collections module would automatically be removed from Collections when re-billed to a different carrier. The user is now given the option to keep a service in Collections after rebilling the claim to another carrier in the patient’s ledger.

Worker’s Compensation MG1 form now has a “comment” field available
There is a new comment field available for the MG1 form for Worker’s Compensation.

You can now process credit card payments within the Scheduler
There is a new option available while applying a patient’s copay from their appointment in the Scheduler. TCMS has added the ability to Process Credit Card directly from the scheduler

Worker’s comp has a new field available for the HP1 form
There is a new field on the Worker’s Compensation screen to include the name of the physician that rendered the first treatment. The selections available are sourced from the practice's Referring Doctor entries. This physician’s name will appear in the second page of the HP1 form.

Improvement in denoting an overbooked appointment
The Overbook check mark in the properties of an appointment that was overbooked was sometimes inaccurately reflected due to an internal flaw. The internal logic was re-written to ensure accuracy.

Printing error fixed
In previous version of TCMS, an error while printing LABS from the Workflow queue could occur under certain conditions. An internal trigger is now added to ensure against this error.