Friday, September 30, 2016


Due to the need to meet Medicare's mandated usage of the new 2017 ICD-10 Master List, Criterions has pushed all tracks slated for release in TCMS version 4.9.0 to version 4.9.1.


TCMS version is now available to all clients

THE NEW 2017 ICD10 Master List file is now available - in compliance with Medicare Mandate, effective October 1st 2016.

-- end

This version is released with only one content... the addition of a new ICD-10 Master List. All clients using TCMS should update to this version to obtain the new list issued by Medicare this week and, subsequently, add the desired new codes from the Master List to the Practice's working list in the Diagnosis Code Setup screen.  If you have any questions related to this process, please feel free to call us at 516-466-1942, and select prompt# 2 for the Criterions Support Team.

Also, if you are a cloud-based client of our software, there is no need to update because the ICD-1 Master List is already on the server. Cloud-based clients only need to update the ICD10 Master List in from the Setup screen to make these additional codes available.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Remember, you cannot write a claim for a service in 2017 unless there is an existing fee schedule for the CPT code, the location and the specialty. There is a feature that can assist in copying your current 2016 fee schedules to 2017. If you have any questions related to this process, please feel free to call us at 516-466-1942, and select prompt# 2 for the Criterions Support Team.

Monday, September 26, 2016


TCMS version is now available to all clients
A new Practice Default, "Hide annotations on printed labs," prevents annotations added to Labs from printing. The user can still see annotations on the documents annotation screen. This will not affect labs already converted to PDFs

The Patient's balance (not total balance - only the balance due from the patient) will now be displayed in the mouse-over hint for an appointment in the daily schedule. This functionality already existed in the browser.  Now it exists in TCMS as well.

Claim export now has diagnosis selection to handle ICD9/ICD10.

Added option to bulk email dependent on Master Physician tied to patient and/or the gender of patient

While going to New Crop, for user type: staff, role type is now 'Nurse Read Only'

New practice default: "Send Group/Individual Taxonomy code in electronic claim file" to send taxonomy code in 2000A*PRV segment always, if this default is selected.

Patient Information Export. Added field Active on export to represent patient being active

Patient list by diagnosis codes now allows you to choose ICD9 or ICD10 depending on how the claim was written is all the system needs to know

When printing Medicaid forms for a particular patient, the grid will now display the physician's name as one of the columns just as they see in the HCFA printing view

Added “Receive Bulk Emails” to the selection criteria to Patient Export

The Payment Analysis report is automatically generated by account number. We added the ability to sort this by Insurance Carrier and by Insurance Type (and provide a total for each Carrier/Type)

The NDC number will now print on the CMS-1500. Added NDC to HCFA Report.

There was an issue with some clients’ printers and the internal memory that would cause the notes not to print in the same order as Worker’s Compensation forms if there was a large batch. Changes were made to the database to accommodate these printers during large batch runs

The printed Superbill will now allow for longer names of Practices. The font was also changed to Arial Narrow for this reason and for better readability

Added physician Title on the provider name and supervised provider name on the bottom of forms. C4 (10-15), C4.2 (10-15), C4.3 (10-15), C4AMR (10-15)

Increased the Diagnosis Description field length on UB04 form.

A checkbox is now available to allow for the override of fee schedule overwrite warning. If Unchecked, the user will not be notified that they are overwriting an existing Fee Schedule

On edit service, the Medicaid tab shows 'corrected claims' instead of the 'Medicaid' tab if there are no active Medicaid insurance profiles.  This is a problem if the actual claim is a Medicaid claim.  The system now checks the claim along with the profile to fix this.

We have resolved the error (not enough values) when adding a new recall document from the recall document setup

I forced the clients ICD9/10 check to default to ICD10 if no insurance is found

There is a weird quirk that happened here. Primary Insurance code was not being defaulted to -1 (self) because the patient has WC profiles and no medical profile. When creating a medical claim, the system did not set the insurance to -1, it defaulted to 0

Now "Electronically sent WC' claims are considered as Sent Claims So they will not appear on unsent claims report.

Added Resource and Tied To Physician on claims export for claims that were generated via ESB

Bulk Email. Fix diagnosis selection to handle ICD9/ICD10

When a document is made inactive, it will be removed from any queue if it is in one and write make a history record of the removal.

When a patient is marked deceased, the system does make all future recalls inactive.  However, if there are past recalls the system does to make those inactive as those dates would have already passed.  In theory, if the date range was changed to an earlier date a user would be able to print a letter or label for an old recall date for a deceased patient.

PDF Document types will now be available to choose from when creating document favorites

The totals for Procedure Financial Analysis Report on multiple practice option has been corrected to reflect accurate numbers

Added grand total for units and # of patients to Multi Practice option to Daily Transaction Summary Report

We added the ability for an Insurance Prac ID and Insurance Site ID to be added, and is printed on Box 33B on the CMS-1500 form
-- end