Friday, April 13, 2012

TCMS Version 4.7.8 – What’s New, What’s Fixed, etc

A new option that prevents changing a charge amount while updating
Some background:
Prior to this version, when a service line is updated to a different carrier, and the fee schedule for the new carrier has a different charge amount in its fee schedule, the original charge amount changes to the new charge amount, unless:
(1) A payment was previously posted to the service
(2) A write-off was previously applied to the service
(3) The service was performed in a closed month

About this new option:
There is now a new option that the user can select while updating claims: “Do not update charge amount”.
If this new option is selected, and there is a difference between the charge amounts of the two fee schedules utilized, the charge amount of the service will not change when the service is updated to the new insurance profile.

Using the "Repeat Charge" feature with a future service date is now prevented
The "Repeat Charge" feature saves time when the same service needs to be re-written. But writing a service with a future DOS is not usually a desired option, and the “Repeat Charge” feature was inadvertently permitting this if the batch date was set with a date in the future. This is now no longer possible… if the user attempts to write a future service while using the future batch bate option, a message will be generated notifying the user that a future date of service cannot be used.
ERN Kicklist now includes Claim Adjustment codes
The ERN Kicklist report is an on-screen display that identifies the payments that were unable to be posted while posting payments automatically from an ERN/ERA. This report will now include the Claim Adjustment codes which can be used to sort/order the results of the report.
Unsent No Fault/Worker’s Comp Claims now included in report
The No Fault and Worker’s Compensation Claims now follow the same rules as all other claims when the Unsent Claims report is generated. Claims that have not yet been sent electronically (WC Claims can now be submitted electronically through iHCFA) or printed will appear on the Unsent Claims report.

Eligibility is now available for CheckMedicare as well as Emdeon
The Eligibility feature in TCMS offers eligibility and benefits verification with the largest group of commercial and government payers in the industry through which accurate eligibility information can be verified in real-time or high-volume batches. This feature, while working well using Emdeon, was recently not working with CheckMedicare and is now available .

ASP/Cloud clients can now select a preferred SS# default
There is a Practice Default that was already available to all clients, except for ASP/Cloud clients. The default is specific to retaining patient social security numbers in the patient demographics screens. This default is now also available to ASP clients.