Monday, July 31, 2017


TCMS version is now available to all clients

A new Practice Default 'Do not allow changing default Master Physician in ESB' - If checked, will stop user from changing the tied to physician when saving an ESB entry.

When an ERN can’t post a payment but it does find the service, it will put a denial-related ledger entry along with a button to the corresponding EOB.
NF and WC profiles will now show injury date on the Make Appointment screen – this will assist users in selecting the appropriate case for an appointment and avoid billing the wrong insurance carrier.

The Patient Demographics screen now provides emergency contact and relationship fields, and you can now search by emergency contact number.
There is a new label available in the Print Labels menu called "Lab B" which includes: 1) account number, 2) patient last name, 3) patient first name, 4) patient age, and 5) current date.

A new column containing the “Last Service Written” date is now included when exporting the Patient List by Referring Physician.
A new option on the Procedure Code Setup screen, named “Bulk Copy Fees” will now provide the ability to copy full fee schedules from one year to another, and also includes an option to do so in all practices.

The height of a Document’s image while printing is now scaled down to 97% of its actual size to ensure that the bottom of the page does not cut off.
When selected, a new Practice Default named “Update all future appointments when patient insurance profile changes” will update scheduled future appointments when the insurance carrier or the case number are changed.

When both Practice Default selections named "Print Location Name on Per-Se statements instead of Practice Name" and "Print Location Address on Per-Se statements instead of Practice Address" are left unchecked, then Patient Statements will not split by location when a patient has services in more than one location.
The NDC number in Procedure Code Setup can now contain a default “quantity” amount that will default when the service is written.

The Claims Export feature now contains columns named “First Visit” and “Injury Dates”
The Claims Export feature now contains a column named “Applied From Credit Balance”

The Payment Analysis Report can now be generated to include multiple practices
The “Patient List by Patients Seen in a Service Date Span” now contains an option to “Show only patients not seen since” - by selecting this option, only the patients seen in the date span selected, but not seen after, will appear in the report.

A new option in the PQRS Export feature named “Insurance” will limit the export to Medicare services.

In the Documents feature, when there is only one document available in a category and it is made inactive, the document and the category will now disappear.
The Schedule Export now contains a new column called “Policy Number”

The ERN Auto Write-off feature can now process negative amounts received from the carrier (which will increase the service’s balance due amount).
The Referral Source report now has a new column named “Insurance” – when selected, the Insurance carrier name will be added in a new column in the export. By selecting the feature and adding the column, a service may be duplicated if it contains more than one carrier.

Taxonomy codes will now print on UB04 claim forms when available.
- Various other bug fixes